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Epic Software Group

The epic software group is a multimedia production company located in The Woodlands, (Houston) Texas. Founded in 1990, the company operates from a state-of-the-art production facility filled with an incredible team of Artists, Animators and Programmers. epic has the experience, knowledge and creativity to tell your story or showcase your products and services using all of the latest interactive technologies.

  1. The Volunteer Trailer with VO

  2. Hicor Compressors

  3. ITI Manufacturing

    Bring the benefits home to America. After 40 years, ITI has accumulated a lot of knowledge about China manufacturing, and about helping its clients get custom-manufactured, labor-intensive products made in China at competitive production costs.

  4. Epic Software Group Reel

  5. EFD Water Screening Kit

  6. Larry Holdren - Holdren Strategic Communications

    Founding Partner, Holdren Strategic Communications - Denver Colorado